Want to Cook?

Does your grilling team have an interest in taking part in the Burger Battle By The Bay? Register your cooking team to be a part of this First Annual event for just $150. There will be three Categories of Teams: Professional, Civic and Amateur. There will be prizes for both the Professional and People’s Choice Winners.

For your entry fee we provide:

  • $50 Gift Certificate to The Butcher Shoppe
  • Paper plates, toothpicks and napkins
  • Wristbands for your Burger team
  • One space in the Festival Grounds at Maritime Park, large enough for a 10×10 Canopy Tent

Buy tickets to register as a cooking team:  Register to cook

Schedule of Events:

  • Burger Battle By The Bay will take place at the Maritime Park, Festival Grounds on April 28, 2018
  • Set up will take place Friday April 27th from 6-9 PM, and Saturday April 28th, from 6-8 AM
  • Serve your bite-sized burger samples to the public from 11 AM – 2 PM
  • Judging for the Professional Team Category will take place at 1:30 PM
  • Results for the “People’s Choice” Category will take place at 2:00 PM

As a Burger Battle By The Bay Team, you can prepare any kind of Burger you like to serve. There is no requirement that beef is the main ingredient.

We’ll have the lighting of the Grills at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and you may prepare proteins, sauces etc. ahead of time.  Teams should be prepared to provide a minimum of 250-300 bite sized samples to our tasters. HINT: Bites are not servings—our tasters are expecting to sample your recipes.

  • All Cooking items must be finished on a Grill during the Burger Battle By The Bay contest.
  • Teams must follow USDA FoodSafe guidelines. These are online and ensure that all prepared foods are safe for public consumption and adhere to the appropriate protein temperature requirements.
  • Remember, you are providing bite sized samples—you are not expected to provide a meal. More is fine and you are encouraged to show off your skills!

Buy tickets to register as a cooking team:

Register to cook

What to bring

You need to provide your own grill; charcoal, wood or gas grills are OK.  No deep frying cooking is allowed.  If you cook with charcoal or wood, you will be responsible to take your own embers or coals away from the park.  The Park Rules do not allow anyone to dispose of embers or burned coals at the park. Please note other important Park Rules that no grills may be under any tents and no hot oil or grease is to be used in food preparation.

Cooks are required to bring all ingredients required for your dishes. This includes all your own food, plus what you need to prepare your burgers.

YOU PROVIDE:Tent (limited to 10’ x 10’ max), Fire extinguisher (two 10lb. ABC extinguishers) , Thermometer, BBQ Tools, Oven Mitts, Smoking Wood, Seasonings, Nonstick Cooking Spray, Paper Plates, Foil, Paper Towels, Napkins, Toothpicks, Plastic Utensils, Cleaning Supplies, Food Coolers, Folding Chairs, Knives, Cutting Boards, Ice and drinks for your own consumption. You will not be selling anything.

Contestants may not dispose of charcoal at the park. Please prepare to dispose of your coals at an alternate location, not on the park grounds.

Remember, this is a fun competition to raise money for the Suburban West Rotary Club Foundation. Have fun and make sure to interact with your guests, tasters and judges.  Personality and service are all part of a great tasting experience.

Questions: Call Burger Battle By The Bay Chairperson, Jennifer Cook at 850-232-5507.

Buy tickets to register as a cooking team:

Register to cook


Buy tickets to come to the event as an attendee: Eventbrite - Burger Battle By The Bay